Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Tool #10

3 things that I want students to know concerning Digital Citizenship are: 1. DO NOT believe everything that you read on the internet. Check the sources! 2. DO NOT SHARE personal information on the internet- BE SAFE do not assume that the person you are "talking" to on line is who or what they say they are. Be CAREFUL. 3. Remember that if you write it or type it on line it is there forever. Cyberbullying is a problem for students, and without scaring students, I might address it by tying into our lifelong guidelines: Treat others as you want to be treated. After reading Vickie Davis' blog about digital citizenship I realized that even though I teach music, I need to state out loud, WHY I chose a particular site to show my students. I will consciously verbalize my choices out loud in class so that students hear and see the reason for the website choice. I enjoyed reading blog "Moving at the speed of creativity- Internet safety" and it cause me to think about our digital dossiers. Brainpop seems to have easy short videos on this topic. Since my time with the students is so short- once a week for 50 minutes, I may not actually show one of these videos, but will refer to the topic in class. Our school Frostwood and district already send home papers at the beginning of the year about internet safety, etc. I will plan to communicate to parents and teachers what internet sites I will use in my classroom next year. I might use the on line newsletter to communicate it or the school website.

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