Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Tool #6

I signed up for Edmodo. It honestly took me much longer than I anticipated to set it up. I originally thought it would be an easy way to communicate to a certain group of students for instance: all 4th grade or all of 5th grade to remind them about upcoming performances, etc. But after doing it I do not know how easy it would be to use with a whole grade level. It seems that many of my fellow teachers at FWE use it, so I can ask them about how they use it too. I think our sub group of district music teachers could possibly use it as a more interactive way to share our ideas instead of the way we currently post to the sweden folder. However it will take more time to look into two places, so the sweden folder might be the best way for us to communicate. I am rambling about this. Below is my link to edmodo. I will definitely use Skype this school year with at least one of my grade levels. The students will enjoy watching other students perform perhaps the same song for the holidays or anytime during the year. We could even skype with other recorder playing classes in 4th grade or 5th graders could skype with some instrumental players when studying about the symphony. Maybe even some real HSO players! That would be lots of fun for the students! I think I'll make that a tech goal for next year.

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