Monday, June 18, 2012

Tool #8

The devices that I am to receive are 3 MACBOOKS. Macbooks are very powerful wonderful machines that I am already familiar with. I have taken some classes about Macbooks last summer, and I have an IMAC at home although it is old. Some of the features on the Macbooks that I plan to use next year are: Garage Band: to help students record themselves and possibly make their own compositions, using the CD drive which will enable me to let the students use some of the existing textbook software to enhance music listening lessons, and I also plan to use the Macbooks when we Skype with another classroom next year. I would LOVE to also have an IPAD because of wonderful musical instrument apps that are available. Maybe I'll submit a request for a grant for one in the future. The challenge for music teachers is that we see the students so seldom, that we want to be sure the technology is used to enhance the music- not just "doing technology" I am very excited to FINALLY get to have some laptops to use in centers with the students, which will also enable me to better differentiate the music lessons. The management of the 3 MACS will be somewhat of a challenge, but I plan to use it as a center with the little spider connections and ear buds which I already purchased last year. This will allow 4 kids at a time to listen to the lesson. I plan to post the rules, and of course spend time to explain the expectations and rules. It might be a good idea to have the district and school-wide computer use rules posted around our school.

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  1. You are absolutely the luckiest one amongst us getting Macbooks, Julie. So glad you are already a Macgirl having one at home yourself. There are just so many features on a mac that the students can soar with. Your class will be a happening place for music and technology this year!